A Global Supplier of Innovative Solutions

Global Locations

Pangeo Group has 7 Manufacturing facilities, 8 Distribution Centers, and 2 Technology Centers. Overall Pangeo group employs about 2,350 people globally.

Pangeo has over 500 Engineering and Technical Specialists in a variety of product and process disciplines working with our business partners around the world. With our global footprint we are able to provide our customers with regional service and support, and our design teams are available around the clock.

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Pangeo North America

  • Headquarters: Windsor, Ontario
  • Sales & Engineering: Novi, Michigan
  • Operations: Westfield, Indiana
  • Distribution: Windsor, Ontario
  • Distribution: Toronto, Ontario
  • Distribution: Irapuato, Mexico

Redoe Mold North America

  • Headquarters: LaSalle, Ontario
  • Operations: LaSalle, Ontario
  • Operations: El Paso, Texas
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Pangeo Europe

  • Distribution: Neuenstein, Germany
  • Distribution: Cologne, Germany
  • Distribution: Bari, Italy
  • Distribution: Kechnec, Slovakia
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Pangeo Asia Pacific

  • Sales & Engineering: Changsha, China
  • Operations: Changsha, China
  • Operations: Ningxiang, China
  • Operations: Ningbo, China

Redoe Mold Asia Pacific

  • Design Center: Changsha, China
  • Operations: Changsha, China
  • Locations

    Headquarters & Distribution Center: Windsor, Ontario
    3000 Temple Drive
    Windsor, Ontario, Canada N8W 5J6

  • Sales & Engineering: Novi, Michigan
    28700 Cabot Drive, Suite 800
    Novi, Michigan, USA 48377

  • Operations: Westfield, Indiana
    2000 East 196th Street
    Westfield, Indiana, USA 46074

  • Redoe Group - Headquarters & Operations: LaSalle, Ontario
    6115 Morton Industrial Parkway
    LaSalle, Ontario, Canada N9J 3W2

    Redoe Group - Operations: LaSalle, Ontario
    655 Morton Drive
    LaSalle, Ontario, Canada N9J 3W3

    Redoe Group - Operations: El Paso, Texas
    7160 Copperqueen Drive
    El Paso, Texas, USA 79915

  • Distribution: Brownsville, Texas

    Distribution: Irapuato, Mexico