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Founded in 1993, Pangeo Group is a world-class supplier partner that specializes in manufacturing safety and performance critical Powertrain, Seating, and Vehicle Accessory Systems for the global automotive industry.

We are a full service systems integrator with an extensive portfolio that includes component manufacturing, complex forming, joining and assembly operations, product testing and validation as well as in-house development of production tooling and equipment.

Our experienced and innovative engineering team can offer a wide range of technical services, either starting from our customer’s product requirements and performance specifications, or by developing solutions from existing design concepts to provide valuable enhancements and deliver market leading solutions for our customers.

Pangeo is a privately owned Canadian-based company. We are certified by CAMSC and NMSDC and meet the minority supplier qualification status recognized by our automotive customers and industry partners. Our manufacturing facilities, technology centers and distribution hubs are located throughout North America, Asia, and Europe in order to support global automotive vehicle platforms and be close to our customer’s receiving locations.

In 2008, Pangeo acquired Redoe Group, a mold manufacturer of surface critical, multi–color, multi-material & optical injection molds with a solid reputation for quality and customer service that spans over 40 years. Our Redoe Group operations are located throughout North America and Asia.


  • Pangeo Mission


    To Inspire a Cohesive and Entrepreneurial Team: We are diverse individuals bound by mutual trust and the desire to provide market leading solutions for our customers.

  • Pangeo Vision


    Add Value Through Excellence and Innovation: Provide our customers with the most competitive solutions with the highest level of innovation for their products.

  • Pangeo Growth


    Continue To Grow Through Technology Leadership: Maintain the historically achieved organic growth rate and expand the range of solutions we offer in each strategic product line.

Global Locations

Pangeo Group employs over 2,350 people globally throughout 7 Manufacturing facilities, 8 Distribution Centers, and 2 Technology Centers. With our global footprint we are able to provide our customers with 24-hour support and design engineering.

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Built a new manufacturing facility in Changsha, Hunan, China


Relocated to a modernized manufacturing facility in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China


Acquired Porter Systems Inc.


Manufacturing facility established in Ningxiang, Hunan, China


Acquired Redoe Mold in Windsor, Ontario, Canada


Ningbo, Zhejiang, China manufacturing facility was established


Manufacturing and technology centers established in Changsha, Hunan, China


Pangeo Group founded in Windsor, Ontario, Canada